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Welcome to our adventure, Lone Cactus Boutique!! 🌾 ⁣

Tristan (pictured on the left), is a stay-at-home-mom of two beautiful girls and wife to her hubby for 14 years! 🧡 ⁣Lauren (pictured on the right), is a bad-ass single mom of 4 kids who is an IT Project Manager turned t-shirt extraordinaire.  

⇢ How did they meet?
Lauren has lived in Collin Co for the past 30+ years... Tristan and her family moved from FL to TX in the summer of 22. And LUCKY ENOUGH for both of them, they became direct neighbors.  🤣⁣

How did Lone Cactus Boutique get started 🌵⁣
Tristan has been crafting and making shirts since '17 and owns 2 other brands. But once she moved to TX and fell in love with the people, the culture and her new town.. she knew that a 3rd "LOCAL TX" brand wouldn't be far off. Lauren was looking for ways to make some extra side income and has always dreamed of designing shirts. They started small with making some Jewelry together ((Knot + Tassel Jewelry)) and quickly realized their potential together! 

⇢ About LC Boutique 🌾⁣
They offer Trendy Texas apparel focusing heavily on local love. They offer several unique and hand-made designs showcasing Prosper, Celina, McKinney and Frisco. 

1876 Ellington Dr, Celina, TX 75009⁣